More coaches for my cousin’s bar. This time in charcoal.



This is a preliminary sketch for a painting I may or may not end up doing. I sometimes (but not always) sketch out my painting ideas ahead of time, to figure out placement and values.

Kinnick Stadium



A friend asked me to donate a painting to a children’s cancer charity. The charity is based in Iowa and holds an annual gala with a silent auction. They auction off a lot of University of Iowa and Iowa State sports memorabilia. Here’s what I came up with.



This is something that’s been sitting in my sketchbook for awhile. I started out by drawing a bunch of rectangles on the page one day but couldn’t figure out what to do with them. So I just left the page like that. Then I came back a few weeks later and drew the swimmer in with some colored pencils. Thought it might make an interesting idea for a painting one day, but I never followed through on it.

Three Men Playing Soccer

Another minimalist sketch.


Quick sketch of a runner in ink. Thinking about the Olympics.

Collage – Boxer

This is a collage made entirely from magazines, about 13″ x 16″. This one was super fun and unlike anything else I’ve done. I want to do another collage now.


Lady Boxers

I had a board in my garage that was left over from a bookcase shelf. So, I cut it down to size and then covered it with magazine pictures. Then I painted over that with some white housepaint. Sanded it off a bit to show the pictures below. Then I made a couple of stencils and spray painted them on top of the whole thing.