Self-Portrait #20



Self Portraits #16-19

self-portrait-19b self-portrait-16self-portrait-18 self-portrait-17

Some self portraits: In charcoal, in red squiggles, old-timey in ink, and abstract ink

Self-Portrait #15


This is what happens when I get ahold of my son’s graph paper for his science project.

Self-Portrait #14


And I thought it was narcissistic when people would constantly update their facebook pages with selfies…

Self-Portrait #13


Self-portrait, dot-to-dot style.


3 Abstract Self-Portraits

3 Self-portraits

These are linocut prints made from tiny 2×3 inch blocks. These were pretty obviously inspired by Picasso, and in particular¬†The Egyptian.

Self-Portrait #9

On a whim, I picked up some colored pencils yesterday. When I can’t think of anything to draw, I just practice on my own face.