Spring, The Lagoons


And the fourth in my seasonal series. The lagoons in my hometown where the trees blossom in spring and the ducks and geese wait for people to toss them bread.



Summer, Central Park, Ottumwa

Summer - ottumwa central park

This is a painting of a park in the downtown of the town I grew up in, Ottumwa, Iowa. I’m hoping to do a series of four paintings based on the four seasons and featuring landmarks from around town.

By the way, this painting was inspired by a great photo I found on Flickr:

Downtown Ottumwa

I encourage you to check out Kate’s other work, she’s got a great eye.

Couple in the Park

This painting started pretty different, based loosely on a photo I found of two men sitting against a wall. I kept reworking the sketch trying to make the lines of the figures flow together in interesting ways. The two men eventually turned into a man and a woman, and the wall turned into a tree.

Three Couples

I was itching to paint something but I ran out of canvases. We had this cheap set of 3 paintings of flowers that we bought from Target a long time ago just to fill up our walls. I was never crazy about them anyway so I painted over them. I started out with the one on the right by covering the old painting in black and then laying down some white areas to establish the picture. I was going to add color but then I decided I liked how it looked in just black in white. Or I was afraid to screw it up with color.

On the Grass

Live Oaks 2

Live Oaks