Wrapped Up

wrapped up



This is a preliminary sketch (acrylic on watercolor paper) for a painting. That I may never end up doing.

Couple in the Park

This painting started pretty different, based loosely on a photo I found of two men sitting against a wall. I kept reworking the sketch trying to make the lines of the figures flow together in interesting ways. The two men eventually turned into a man and a woman, and the wall turned into a tree.

Three Couples

I was itching to paint something but I ran out of canvases. We had this cheap set of 3 paintings of flowers that we bought from Target a long time ago just to fill up our walls. I was never crazy about them anyway so I painted over them. I started out with the one on the right by covering the old painting in black and then laying down some white areas to establish the picture. I was going to add color but then I decided I liked how it looked in just black in white. Or I was afraid to screw it up with color.

On the Grass

Couple #3