Bathing Beauty



portrait-ink & collage

A drawing with a big, fat, stinky permanent marker and some magazine clippings.


Collage – Nude Woman


This is a collage I made from magazines. Took a couple of weeks. 20 x 28 inches.




This is a portrait of a friend in mixed media. There’s a little bit of everything in here. I started by gluing some book pages to a canvas. The Tampa skyline was done in ink and acrylic, with some red spray paint for the top of the sky. The figure is done with ink and acrylic ink washes.

Self-Portrait #7

This is a print I did a while back using corrugated cardboard. If you peel away the top layer of cardboard, you expose ridges which when inked give you kind of a medium tone. And then if you cut those away you’re left with negative space. So, this is just a simple self-portrait using cardboard and then inked up and pressed onto paper like a block print. I used two colors of ink and printed it twice to get the effect.

Collage – Boxer

This is a collage made entirely from magazines, about 13″ x 16″. This one was super fun and unlike anything else I’ve done. I want to do another collage now.