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Corrugated Cardboard Print


This is a print made with a piece of corrugated cardboard. I first inked it in blue and printed it on paper. Then I cut away the face in two layers and inked it in red.

Linocut Portrait


3 Abstract Self-Portraits

3 Self-portraits

These are linocut prints made from tiny 2×3 inch blocks. These were pretty obviously inspired by Picasso, and in particular The Egyptian.


A linoleum print of a friend.

Self-Portrait #7

This is a print I did a while back using corrugated cardboard. If you peel away the top layer of cardboard, you expose ridges which when inked give you kind of a medium tone. And then if you cut those away you’re left with negative space. So, this is just a simple self-portrait using cardboard and then inked up and pressed onto paper like a block print. I used two colors of ink and printed it twice to get the effect.