Spring, The Lagoons


And the fourth in my seasonal series. The lagoons in my hometown where the trees blossom in spring and the ducks and geese wait for people to toss them bread.



4 Responses to Spring, The Lagoons

  1. Carol Brown says:

    I was just thinking. Is there a possibility you will do a video of creating on of your art pieces from start to finish?

    • joevandello says:

      HI Carol,
      I think you’re my biggest fan! Would you settle for a post describing my process? My video skills are nil, and I don’t really have any new projects in the works (start of the school semester is nearing and I may have to put the art supplies away soon). But like you, I love getting insight into people’s creative process.

      • Carol Brown says:

        Do you know why I am your biggest fan? I’ll tell you. It is because I am a wanna be artist, and I have fear of trying to be an “artist” without be taught/training. I do like your descriptive post very much. It was very helpful. Thank you. I have always been a doodler and just yesterday I found that my doodling has a new name. Zentangle. Last night I followed Zentanglers on You Tube creating a doodle I really like. I think the inspiration I get from you is: “give it a try” you don’t have to be trained.
        Cheers to you young man. Keep on creating. I will follow.

  2. Edith Tray says:

    I won this one at our 50th class reunion.

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