Ft. De Soto




Second in a series (?) of paintings on the basic human emotions. Psychology!




Tampa Skyline #3


Tampa Skyline #2


This is my second in a series of Tampa cityscapes. This is based on the view from U of Tampa across the Hillsborough River.

Davis Island Yacht Club, Tampa


This is the first in a planned series of 3 or 4 Tampa-themed paintings.



I did this portrait mostly with a palette knife. Or more precisely, I used old credit cards. I like that I can cut them up to different sizes; works really well for me. I’m really liking the effects you can get painting this way. I may have to try some more like this. Thanks to my wife for kindly serving as my model.

Kinnick Stadium



A friend asked me to donate a painting to a children’s cancer charity. The charity is based in Iowa and holds an annual gala with a silent auction. They auction off a lot of University of Iowa and Iowa State sports memorabilia. Here’s what I came up with.

Spring, The Lagoons


And the fourth in my seasonal series. The lagoons in my hometown where the trees blossom in spring and the ducks and geese wait for people to toss them bread.


Winter, Main Street

Winter-Main street

Three seasons down. This is the third in (hopefully) a series of four paintings based on my hometown. One of my most vivid memories of winter growing up is the holiday decorations they used to put up along the streets downtown.


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